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with this band, everyone's in love,

cause their tunes are covered in mauve

their libido is what they really show off

so no one asks, why their music isn’t more tough


victim poetry all the time

vanity and this body are mine

what an obvious but boring rhyme

marketing-wise, the perfect crime


I'm in the Gucci lane

I'm important, but I forgot how to talk

I carry purple bags and pink fame,

and I am the way I walk


running  across the street,

cause my statement deserves a treat

shiny gympies in great shape,

I’m still terrified of rape

bought Nirvana t-shirts and socks,

and I dream of Brian Eno in my inbox


look at him, he sounds appalling

and he adores ‘London Calling’

we’ve got the power, women rule


maybe skills are more useful?

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1 mei 2022 · 0 keer gelezen · 0 keer geliket