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I bought a 69 Shelby

Fumes, such a good smell

Tyres black’n heavy

Engine sounds straight outta hell


Ain't got no signal on the radio

But, I found a cassette from The Del Fuegos

So I drove to West-Coast

and Dan Zanes became my host


I'm overthinking every mile

And I imagine playin Voodoo Chile

My employer is a prick

So with one hand on the steering wheel

I called in sick

Then I drove on and it all felt so unreal


I bought a GT Ford

And I'm on my way to an escorte

For that, I'm not ashamed

There just is something else, and I'm afraid


But just like Ford Henry said

If you loved a girl, and hated the blues, it ain’t worth it

And I realised this is a solo I can’t refuse

So keep on (damn) going, even when you loose

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30 apr. 2022 · 0 keer gelezen · 0 keer geliket