What kind of fool am I ? Are we ?

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I don't know how and why I'm surviving every lonely day

When there's got to be 

no chance for us



We'll find a new way of living

We'll find a way of forgiving


There will be a place for us 


our sometimes will be gone

It depend on the chances we'll take 


There will be a time in our life for believing

In the impossible dream in our hearts

That one love is shared by two 

spirits rise and their dances are unrehearsed 

Everybody is searching

Hungry for the glamour

But it's not money that's buy happiness

It's not the shine of silver that put's the heart to rest

If you gave me the keys of a kingdom

If you dress me in diamonds and pearls

It could never compare to the feeling 

I feel right now

I like to go away, far away

To a place where it's just us two

With time together

Time to spare

Time to learn

Time to care

Where we can just chill and 

clear our head

When I was walking on a path in the wood one day

there were storm clouds gathering overhead

I asked myself

How could this happen

I don't understand

Falling in love was not in my plan 

This all could be the reason for all my joy and all my pain

We have to protect ourselves

I thought no one could care

But then you blessed my life with your addicted words

Made me feel valuable

That's why I love you more every day

My happiness is just being next to you

Your tenderness has touched my soul

Sometimes a few words, small talks,

A soft and gentle touch, only holding each other's hand.

Feeling addicted, affected, desperate, infected, requested, unrehearsed but longing for,

Touches like a ton ton,

Don't take your love from me

Or you will take everything

Maybe it's a dream unreal

Maybe it was better that we never met...

It's hard for us to know

That we don't stand a chance

In this beauTiful romance

We gave all we had to give

We both have our own life's to live

Maybe we have to face the reality 

And keep all of this in our memory

Like a dream unreal

But I will never forget the way I feel 

Loving made me feel like the world's one and only fool

Only one difficult beauTiful thing to do

We have to enjoy and

live the Moment!

Am I a fool? Are we foolish?

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30 mei 2014 · 0 keer gelezen · 0 keer geliked