New year's eve

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This New year’s eve, likely the last as a complete family

we celebrated with a modest glass of red wine

and watched the fireworks, bright, loud,


Mum and dad were standing outside on the balcony, cuddling.

sister watched the fire-darts fly by and bright blasts lit the sky above the sea.

I sat at the table, trying to console the dog,

she was scared, shivering inconsolable

Tail low between her legs, she ran to the back

and jumped on mum’s bed.

There, she emptied her bladder,

soiling the sheets and the mattress.

And I thought to myself…

‘So this is how childhood-memories

will once end, with a pissing dog,

in an appartment at the sea.’

And that actually made me smile.

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1 mei 2016 · 0 keer gelezen · 0 keer geliket