Abstract as complex

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Into the depth of your eyes

Pools mesmerising

Water clear as the dark of the night

Golden as the rising sun

And I drown


Without a reason knowing why

Stick to me

Get under my skin

Irritate me for years

And I distance


Without any physical contact

Green as leaves that turned young in the spring

Leave me if you can’ t keep 

Go if you can’ t love

I smile, cry

And I touch


So different, yet the same

Bloody animals, high flying birds, with feet steady on the ground 

Two heads dreamy in the clouds

Same dreams, same perspectives

But different goals

Yet the same

And I connect


With flowers dreaded on my arms

I wave you a hateful welcome and a warm goodbye

Locking eyes, open minds and blooded hearts

Souls are one

Why do you do this?

And I part


Chances given

Opportunities taken

I go on with this life

Every side road taken

Once decided to take the main road

There are thousands horizons that lead me to the universe

You may join, because I am free of whatever took me down in the past

And I love


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9 nov. 2022 · 8 keer gelezen · 0 keer geliket