Fades away (We’ll never will)

20 sep. 2023 · 11 keer gelezen · 1 keer geliket

“Till the spring warmth fades away

Oh, I would never forget your name

Like trees drop their leaves

I would never ask you to do the same

Love who you are even on the cruellest day.

I'd just love you like always

Please, don't beg me to stay sane in a world that has seen nightmares of days

I choose myself, in every loving way

I wander through the ages

And my imagination - nor wonder - knows no cages

But I know I'll never walk too far from your side

Heavens no! I light my kite

With a single wish I blow up to the almighty sky 

And you'll never know

But you'll feel it, even if you don't know how.”


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20 sep. 2023 · 11 keer gelezen · 1 keer geliket