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I write to free the imaginary from myself


Family Portrait

La destruction sans scrupule d'une âme remplie de bonneté ne peut pas se justifier par un traumatisme qu'on a vecu dans son passé.  Once upon a time, there was a Queen in a kingdom unknown. For her beauty admired wide and far; she had become her subject's object of affection. But ignoring their existence, she subsisted on games and rendered them breadless. Villages and cities fell into destitution by her negligence. Yet, starving to death, they died honouring her image. Close to her, were a knight and court jester. The knight, only known as the Queen’s, refused to be ordained by anyone but she. He had given himself completely, hoping to find love in broken bones. Unrequited love had rendered her loving knight a cripple. Dedicated to tragedy, he died a lonely death.  Her Majesty had sustained herself on awaiting a king to her unknown. She sought in him a saviour to forget the world awaiting her. For without him in her stead, had lost the will to shine. Consumed by loneliness, she was overtaken by her shadow.  On a makeshift throne, she lamented an absence, leaving her empty. The pursuit of a beloved in vain, opportunism in courtship had left her exasperated. Loveless romance surrounded her, while she sat alone. Besides her, sat the jester, desperately at her mercy. Redundancy of pleasure rendered him meaningless to the Queen. Her laugh only ringing at other's misfortune, he sought to destroy himself. Loved by all, he fell prey to her abuse. The court jester, once beloved by the Her Majesty, now a fool. Erased from her conscience, their deaths fell into oblivion. 

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All my texts are sample-sized, as I'm still in a learning phase!